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We provide the best service and installation of police equipment at the most reasonable price. We “upfit” Police, Fire & EMS vehicles by converting regular cars and SUVs to state-of-the-art emergency responsive vehicles, using emergency lighting and equipment.

2016 Chevy Tahoe Upfit

Emergency Vehicle Upfitting

We provide professional upfitting for all types of vehicles including first response and emergency vehicles.  We use state-of-the-art equipment to make sure that your vehicles are fully equipped with the technologies that are necessary to do your job.  From light bar customization for police vehicles to interior modifications to hold specialized supplies and gear, we make sure that your fleet is ready for any job. We partner with the best upfitting manufacturers in the industry and hire only the most experienced employers to ensure that when you step into your vehicle, it is just as prepared as you are.

Our services include:

  • Emergency Vehicle Sirens and Lighting
  • K-9 Electronics
  • Radio Communications
  • Mobile Data and Voice Technology Solutions
  • Services and Repair
  • Pickup and Delivery of Vehicles
  • Trained and Certified Technicians
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Vehicle Graphics and Wraps

We offer vehicle graphics and wraps. Our professional designers can will custom design vehicle graphics that will make your vehicle stand out.  Graphics are a great way to inform other drives on the road – whether it’s for a police/emergency vehicle, or to advertise your business, our vehicle graphics are professional and will withstand even the most brutal weather conditions. This is a great way to create a mobile billboard of your company or unit.

Our services include:

  • Fleet Graphics for police, fire, emergency vehicles
  • Custom Vehicle Graphics, including logos, stripes, accents
  • Full Vehicle Wraps
  • Professional Graphic Application
  • Window Tinting
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“Our goal is to make your job easy and provide the best possible customer satisfaction experience when you are making any of these purchases. We love our customers, and responding to the needs of our clients and law enforcement is the top priority.”

Len and Danielle Polistina are the owners of Municipal Equipment Enterprises as well as the government manager for the Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware group of Day Fleet Sales. They enjoy the fleet business and providing continuous customer service for all of your vehicle needs for both Chevrolet and Ford products. With more than 15 years experience in the fleet business, and a lifetime of automotive experience, MEE is the number one place for all vehicle upfitting. MEE does complete vehicle lighting, computers, and any emergency products for all of your police and municipal needs.

We are partnered with Day Fleet Sales to provide vehicles for fleets in New Jersey, Pennsylvania & Delaware.

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